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The Blue Footed Booby (Sula nebouxii) caught Peter’s attention partly for its unusual name but also for its blue feet of course. Its name Booby comes from the Spanish ‘bobo’ meaning stupid or fool and whilst it is surely not a foolish bird, it does have a rather comical look! The birds are found among the continental coasts of the eastern Pacific Ocean to the Galapagos Islands and California and if you should come across one, apparently you can tell whether it is a male or female by staring into its eyes – the male has a smaller pupil than the female. Peter was inspired to create his Blue Footed Booby giving itself a manicure after reading about the bird’s elaborate courtship consisting of flaunting its bright blue feet, pointing its head and tail to the sky and whistling! The brighter the male’s feet, the more attractive he is to a mate. The interior of this beautiful piece shows its food – a tin of anchovies and a whistle for courting his girls.

Carving date: October 2012

Release date: 19/10/12

Edition size: Fixed edition of 200

Price: £46.88 ($75)

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