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Unholy Water was carved by Peter specially for attendees at our UK 2012 event, hence the low edition size. It is based on the font at St James Church, Welland – the event venue.

There are 3 variations - 35 in a black stain, 35 in a brown stain and 5 special bronze versions.

Of course Peter has put his humorous touch to the piece and is to be found irreverently bathing in the font itself. Inside you will find three cans of beer and a bar of soap which are Peter’s ingredients for the perfect bath. The half eaten burger on top is a reference to McDonalds, a main sponsor at the London 2012 Olympics. 

Around the lid is marked St James church, Curiosity and 6/8/12 as reference to the successful landing of the Curiosity robot on Mars on that date.

Carving date: 2012

Release date: 08/9/12

Edition size: 75

Price: £35 incl VAT

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