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Many hatchling sea turtles face a perilous start to life with a mad dash from their sandy nests to the comparative safety of the sea, running the gauntlet of the waiting seagulls as they go. In this piece the hunter has become the hunted and the baby turtles have ganged up to overpower a gull and carry him to the sea. One turtle is wearing trainers hoping to be the fastest. Another, unaware of the dangers, wants to stop and make sand castles! Another sports some 'knuckle dusters' which could explain why the gull has a black eye. Secret carvings include Mork and LHD Aug 13. During the carving of this piece, I was saddened to hear of the death of comedian Robin Williams whom I always remember as the alien Mork; LHD Aug 13 - being a 'lefty' and having a daughter who follows the same trend, I was intrigued to learn that August 13 was Left Handers' Day. I read that lefties are more likely to be artistic, shy, angry, easily embarrassed, psychotic and alcoholic - got me in one! Thank you to all our collectors who entered our competition to name this piece. Inside each piece is either a Tiny Treasure Turtle, or a Tiny Treasure Seagull which can be worn as a pendant. This is a special shrink-wrapped piece with one jewelled variation to be found. Turning Tide Item no: CTJTU17 Treasure Jest Carving Date: September 2014 Release Date: November 2014 Edition size: 301 Launch price: £55 incl VAT ($85)

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