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Pets or pest? This was the question in Pete's mind whilst carving this piece. We have heard form our USA collectors about raccoons visiting their back yards. Not having raccoons in the UK, it's easy to see them as cute and cuddly little characters. One raccoon that did gain Internet support began a precarious climb up a 25 storey office block in Minnesota in 2018. 20 hours later it reached the top where it was captured and successfully released. On this beautifull carved model, two rats, the previous occupants of the dustbin, are fed up with the raccoons' antics and have called the police. There are secrets carved into this piece along with a secrets card to explain everything - Pete's mind is an odd place sometimes!

ALERT - this piece is extra special. It has been cast during the worldwide lockdown due to corona virus. Therefore, we have had no one to paint this piece. Pete has called on one of his many other talents, picked up his paintbrush and in addition to carving the original piece, has hand painted them all so far. So by purchasing this piece, you are truly getting the full artist experience. Enjoy these little critters.

Edition size: 500

Carving date: February 2020

Release date 14/5/2020


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