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You may recall last year we released One of a Kind – a whale piece – which we ended up retiring early without completing the edition size as it was causing so many problems for us not only with casting but also how it was reacting to the shipping process.

I am pleased to tell you that after trial and error and much experimenting, Peter and Paul (who does our casting) have come up with Version 2 of One of a Kind which we personally think is more beautiful than the first piece.

It is the same design with no mold changes from the original, but it has now been created in cold-cast bronze. It is truly stunning. We are casting the same edition size as the first version – 200 – and are sure this will become a highly sought after piece.

One of a Kind V2 Item no: CTJWH15V2
Treasure Jest Release date: February 2015
Edition size: Fixed edition of 200
Launch price: £42.50 incl VAT ($70)

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