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This whale leaping out of the waves is very different from my usual sculptures and when I decided to try it, I wasn’t sure whether we would release it or not - but as with all my work there is a reason for this temporary departure from the norm!

Popular subjects like whales and sea lions have always caused me problems. The difficulty is in trying to get a finish that is both smooth and black and that I am happy with. The ‘netsuke’ type finish that my work is known for and which Harmony Kingdom tries hard to honour, is obtained by texturing the surface to get darker areas and leaving other areas smooth to get a lighter or a white finish - but this does not achieve a truly contrasting black and white. Painting smooth areas black has never proved satisfactory to me either. They are never properly black.

So, I decided to experiment with a black resin, adding white inserts for the whale’s white cheek flashes. Although successful in achieving the true black required for a whale, this new technique brought several new problems, so I probably won’t use it again - this piece may really become “one of a kind”.

Carving Date: April 2014

Release Date: June 19th 2014

Edition Size: Fixed Edition of 200

Launch Price: £38 ($60)

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