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 Peter's unique humour is evident on this fantastic piece. Inspired by those horrible dreams we all have when you can't get to where you are going, or things are just going all wrong, Nick's Nightmare features Santa's worst nightmare - Christmas eve and he dreams he is wearing no clothes and his only transport is a 3 legged tortoise as his reindeer are sick. His sack of presents has turned into snakes. Inside is a Tiny Treasure snake pendant. Just brilliant!

This is the 2015 version of our ever popular Santa piece. Hand-carved of course by Peter. Perfect for collectors and for anyone wanting a really unusual and unique Christmas present. All the Tiny Treasure pendants inside are hand-painted in different colours by Peter.

Watch out for the rare version - approximately 10 of the Tiny Treasure snakes are wearing a RED santa hat and ONE lucky collector might find a Tiny Treasure snake wearing a green hat.


Carving date: May 2015

Release date: July 27th 2015

Edition size: Timed edition available until February 28 2016

Launch Price: £47 ($75)


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