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Our snowman thinks he is the height of urban fashion with his many tattoos, inspired by Peter still being convinced he is one of the only people in the UK to not have a tattoo. It also seems that whatever the weather –even if it is snowing, people with tattoos are determined to display them. Mr Cool is the extreme version of this! Inside you will find Mr Cool’s spare face, just in case Andrea’s horse eats his nose.

On the rear of Mr Cool is inscribed 14 1/2. This refers to the number of points which Europe scored to win the Ryder Cup in 2012. On the rim of each lid is carved the number created in that particular mould variation. In addition, the flat cap snowman has 'homo snowicus' - Pete's Latin name for his snowman!, the baseball cap snowman has DK referring to Dan Kritzer, a long-standing collector and someone who is currently going through a tough time and is in our thoughts. The top hat snowman has his own name.  

There are three mould variations each showing Mr Cool in a different guise wearing a flat cap, a baseball cap and a top hat, with one jewel-encrusted snowman hand painted by Peter. All these pieces are shrink wrapped and packed and shipped entirely at random.

Carving date: October 2012

Release date: 18/10/12

Edition size: Fixed edition of 301 (200 wearing flat cap, 75 USA baseball cap, 25 wearing top hat, 1 jewel-encrusted and hand-painted with top hat). Photos of variations will be on website.

Price: £46.88 incl VAT ($75)

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