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I have been thinking about carving another cat piece for a while now and have been waiting for a flash of an idea. In the end, it was our cat Ted who was the inspiration behind this piece. Ted seems to always be asleep and I envy him greatly for that. He sleeps on my bed more than I do!
For those of you who know Herbie the VW Beetle and star of many films, the inscription on the lid relates to Herbie’s car number, 53, which is also related to my birthday this year....say no more!

‘Hi Chris’ is inscribed as I have just been in touch with someone who I haven’t seen for 30 years and ‘Scotland’ because Chris always used to invite me to Scotland and to this day, embarrassingly, I still haven’t been.

‘PFA’ is the subject of a future model and Battleaxe refers to my original name for Andrea’s HOP Atlanta event pendant, but for some reason she wouldn’t let me use this!

The interior shows a mouse asleep with his teddy bear, safe in the knowledge the cats are sleeping too.

Carving date: January 2013

Release date: 18th January 2013

Edition size: Fixed edition of 250

Price: £47 ($75)

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