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Peter carved this piece to celebrate the first UK Harmony Kingdom event for many years. Organised by ourselves in our home village we were excited about welcoming some familiar faces amongst collectors as well as some newer ones. We wanted the event pieces to reflect this personal involvement and also bring enjoyment to our collectors so Peter settled on something which is a large part of family life for us and many of our collectors too – our animals! We have Red taking centre stage. He is our beautiful big collie dog – although I think he is half bear too from the size of him. Sitting with him are Bart, our border terrier, Ted the cat, Roger and Munchkin, the guinea pigs, two hens (Millie tells me these are Rhianna and Puffle) and a couple of fish – they live in our garden pond. Beware – there wouldn’t be such harmony as is shown on this piece if they were this close together in real life! There was also a special version of this piece only available to event attendees.

The pre-ordered version of this piece (version 1) is a black stain and was limited to 100. The version 2 in a brown stain was a limited edition of 50 available to purchase by attendees at the HK UK launch event. It is worth noting that Peter himself painted all the yellow chickens on the version 2 pieces. On 48 of the pieces the chicken on the left of the dogs with the guinea pig on its head is painted whilst on two pieces the chicken on the right of the dogs is painted.  

Carving date: 2012
Release date: 22/7/12
Edition size: 150
Price: £47 incl VAT, $75 SOLD OUT

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