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Each year Peter's idea for the ever-popular annual Santa piece get better and better. Our 2016 annual Santa is accompanied by some very disgruntled helpers as children no longer want wooden toys - just cell phones - as can be seen by all the gift requests in his sack! Santa, realising they can't cope with the new technology, has turned to Ebay to source some new stock. Consequently, his elves are not very happy.

As for the secrets - when Peter was carving this, the biggest sports story in the UK was serial soccer relegation battlers, Leicester (Lester) City, beat the riches of Manchester United and Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea to win the Premiership 2015/2016. The odds on them winning before the season started were 5000/1. Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez and Ngolo Kante were three players key to the team's success. Which of them will still be at 'lowly' Leicester next season?

A perfectly unusual Christmas gift for anyone of any age, Buy 'n' Cell Father Christmas contains a Tiny Treasure elf inside. If you are extremely lucky, you may receive the ultimage collectibe - each elf is hand-painted by Peter and about 1 in every 100 is painted gold.

This is a timed collectible edition which is available until the end of February 2017, so make sure you place your order before then.


Carving date: May 2016

Release date: July 2016

Edition size: Timed edition availabe until February 28 2017

Launch price: £47 ($75)


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