Sunday 27th October 2013

Harmony Kingdom UK Ltd celebrated its slightly late first birthday yesterday with a lovely relaxed afternoon with collectors and friends.

About 18 collectors and friends and family gathered with Peter, myself, Sam and Millie at The Clothes Rail in Bromsgrove (thank you Karen for kindly providing the venue) for signing, event pieces, fun and games. Photos are just being uploaded. Have a look at our blog and facebook page for a more details roundup of the afternoons events.

We will be listing a full set of event pieces and also each of the five colours of the event pieces on ebay shortly to give those who didn't attend a chance to get hold of them. They are very exclusive - only 10 of each colour was made and they are all numbered and signed.

Thank you to everyone who came yesterday. We also raised nearly £250 for The Blue Cross animal rescue charity.

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