Pieces queries

Saturday 29th September 2012

We have received several queries recently regarding the edition sizes of the pieces we released relating to our launch event. The edition sizes are listed under the descriptions of the pieces here on our website as we have tried to follow on from the Harmonykingdom.com site.

Just to clarify, Calvesbert Menagerie had a total edition size of 150 (plus 5 special bronze castings which we used for prizes and have also donated to HOP for the Atlanta event). These were split into 100 black stained (also available to non-event attendees) and 50 brown stained available only to attendees.

Unholy Water was cast as edition of 70. These were 35 black stain, 35 brown stain and once again we cast 5 in bronze as prizes. This piece was only available to attendees

Layed Back was a pendant cast in an edition size of 100 available to non attendees. As a surprise, Pete also painted 25 of these specially for event prizes

The Drinker pendant was cast in an edition size of 50, all of which were bronze. This was given as a gift to attendees.

The Welland Frog pendant was an edition size of 100 and was available to attendees only.

In future we will notify collectors in advance of the edition size of each variation of a piece, as well as giving the overall total edition size as we did on this occasion. We hope this will avoid any confusion.

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