Friday 18th January 2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest pieces - click on Latest Releases to view Peter's latest creations.

He has been working hard over Christmas and New Year to prepare these three works of art. For the cat lovers out there, Dreamcatchers is a lovely piece based on our own cat Ted, doing what cats do best - snoozing! Take a peek inside to see the signatory mouse enjoying some peace too.

The Kingishers - Fish Supper - are a new subject matter for Pete but he has done this beautiful bird justice with a splash of stronger colour capturing the fleeting glimpse of irridescent blue seen by many of our waterways. This box figurine has a fish inside making sure he isn't the next fish supper.

Last but by no means least, we have a very wearable pendant. Emerald, named after the Emerald Tree Boa which is the subject of this carving, depicts how the snake drapes itself around a tree branch to sleep. Wear this pendant and it looks just like the snake is draping itself around the cord. Peter also decided to carve a snake as it is the Chinese year of the snake. We have kept this edition size small - only 100 will be mad.

These pieces will make beautiful additions to your collection or lovely gifts to introduce others to the fascinating world of Harmony Kingdom and Peter's skilled artwork.

Hope you enjoy them! Place your orders with your nearest dealers or if you are in the UK, you can order directly from us or from on of our UK dealers.


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