Meet Dancer, Santa and Firing Squid - all new pieces launched today

Wednesday 27th March 2013

We are pleased to announce the launch of our latest pieces - have a look at our product pages to view them in detail.

This year we decided to launch Santa a couple of months earlier than normal. He is so popular we thought it would give everyone more time to order him so although it is only Easter, you can plan ahead!! And don't think he has to just be around at Christmas either though, he will make a great addition to your shelf and collection all year round. We think he is one of Pete's best ever annual Santas and he has Comet and a telescope for a reason - read his secrets on the website to find out more.

Dancer is also a great addition to sit alongside Dasher. She is the second in our mini edition of reindeer collectible tree and shelf decorations. She is great and certainly my favourite so far, even though I did get quite attached to Dasher! Keep hold of her signed card if you order her, then post it back to us when you have collected all eight reindeer to claim your free Rudolph.

Last but certainly not least, we have our deadly ocean killer - the Humbolt Squid. He is bound to please Pete's die-hard fans who enjoy his more unusual creatures. Firing Squid of course is injected with Peter's own brand of humour! Check out his interior where you will find a fish, full of holes, enjoying his last cigarette after facing.....yes, you got it....the Firing Squid!

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