Help! - I need a name!

Wednesday 28th May 2014

Here is a sneak preview of probably our next but two release - Peter is really excited about this one as he has really enjoyed carving it.

Sea turtles are known for having to make a mad dash down to the sea once they hatch up the beach, running the gauntlet of the seagulls. Here, the turtles have turned the tables and have captured a seagull and are carrying him out to the sea. There has been some fisticuffs as the seagull has a black eye!

What we would like, is for you, our collectors, to name this piece for us. Email your suggestions to and Peter will pick the one he likes best. The person whose idea he chooses will receive this piece free, signed by Himself.

Please note, this piece is not yet released nor is it available to order yet. We look forward to hearing your name suggestions!

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