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Thursday 30th August 2012

Most of you will have heard our exciting news by now – and if you are looking on here already then you have definitely found us!

After nearly 20 years of selling Peter’s work, Noel and Lisa at Harmony Ball Company in America have handed over the Harmony Kingdom reins to us. Although Peter has been the main Harmony Kingdom artist during this time, we have never been involved before with selling his work. We are really pleased and privileged to now be able to take on this role with Lisa and Noel’s blessing.

Lisa says: “ Back in 1990, Peter and Martin started what would become a booming box figurine craze. When we became acquainted with them in 1994, it was Peter’s extraordinary talent that inspired us to create Harmony Kingdom. And over two decades, Peter has never once let us down. We will very much miss working with him, but we know that he and his wife Andrea will steward the collection with the utmost care and creativity, and we so look forward to seeing the interesting directions they take.

“We will miss the excitement of new Harmony Kingdom introductions, but we are so pleased that Peter and Andrea will be carrying on the tradition.”

I would also like to thank Lisa for helping so much during the handover period. We have been working busily with Lisa’s help for the past few months so we are ready, along with preparing for our special event here in our home village in Worcestershire which will be a celebration of our ‘new’ business and a look to the future.

Peter is looking forward to continuing to carve the Treasure Jests and also maybe some different pieces too. We are both looking forward to having more contact with collectors and dealers too.

So, onwards and upwards! Please bear with us as we set out in our new venture. If anyone has any queries please feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to the future of Harmony Kingdom UK Ltd!

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