Happy New Year Message from Peter

Wednesday 31st December 2014
Yes, I have finally left the studio for long enough to reflect on the past year. I've often likened the Harmony Kingdom business to a runaway train, but paradoxically, one that we want to go even faster! For me 2014 has been spent in the engine room, shovelling coal for all I was worth. I hope next year to spend a little more time looking out of the window and enjoying the ride..... I want to thank my beautiful wife Andrea for everything - well, not the time she let the muddy dogs in the house on to my just-cleaned floor - but everything else. Andrea does everything that I can't - and that's a lot! The website, contact with our wonderful dealers and all the accounting, in other words she is indispensible. She had the toughest of all years this year learning that her brother, Philip, had only a short time to live. It was natural to want to spend as much time as possible with him and her family. So for a while HK had to take a back seat for both of us. Thank you for all the messages of support we received and to our dealers and collectors who never complained when we were late with orders. The Vegas convention was a welcome distraction and as always, was a great chance to meet up with so many friends and make new ones. I'll skip the bit about over-celebrating and the consequences - apologies to all! Time spent carving event pieces meant that during 2014 we were quite erratic with our launches of new pieces through our HK dealer network - something we intend to put right for 2015. The reindeer set will be completed this year, new Black Boxes and Santas will be on time! and as many new Treasure JEst ideas as possible will fill the year - maybe even that star-nosed mole, just one of the many great suggestions I have received - please keep them coming. All this getting back on track means the much-discussed UK convention will be delayed until 2016. Next October when we were proposing the hold it is already too close for me to carve everything I want to. So once again, thank you for your continued support of Harmony Kingdom UK. Best wishes to you all from myself and Andrea for 2015 and happy collecting!

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