First UK HK releases due in stores mid November

Friday 21st September 2012

We are really looking forward to our first 'official' release of pieces since taking over from Noel and Lisa. The date has been put back a little due to creation of pieces for the HOP event in Atlanta next April, but we hope you will enjoy what Peter is currently carving. We are aiming to have the pieces with dealers and in stores by mid November.

Expect two Treasure Jests - one of which will be the shrink wrapped holiday piece - plus a smaller piece which we are very excited about. This will be a Christmas tree decoration of a similar size and price to a pendant and will be the start of a collection of annual pieces. Peter wanted to create something a little different this year and Inspired by the fact that we always like to choose one new tree decoration for our own tree each year, we decided a collectible tree trinket was perfect. It will also make a cherished and affordable Christmas gift.

Look out for the release email over the next month or so.

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