Wednesday 29th April 2015

Two anniversaries in the world of Harmony Kingdom occur in 2015. Harmony Kingdom was
introduced to the collectible world 20 years ago, in 1995; and Pete and Andrea
celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary!  Harmony Kingdom UK wants
to celebrate these events with another HK reunion. Join us in England on
Saturday, 30 April 2016!

The cost for the event is $125 (£80) for Collectors or $75 (£48) for Associates. 
Registration and questions will be handled by the HK House of Peers (HOP). 
Registration will officially begin on 1st August 2015. Early Bird
deadline is Halloween (31 October 2015).

Whilst the pieces are exclusive to the event, HK UK is allowing people to register for
the event
and still receive the main event figurines even if they cannot
.  HOWEVER, attendees at the event will receive additional exclusive
pieces not available to non-attendees.

A special 20th Anniversary HK silver souvenir magnet (carved by Pete) will also be available to
the public.

So what’s in store for you?  Here are the offerings planned for the event:

  * 20th Anniversary Cake Topper – Pete and Andrea “20
years after” – is the Early Bird piece. To qualify, you must register before the
Early Bird deadline – Halloween 2015. This piece will be a solid figurine in the
Cake Topper series.

 * The main event figurine Version 1 will be part of your
registration and Version 2 will be for sale to all registrants.  This piece
hasn’t yet been designed or carved, but will be a box in the Treasure Jest
size.  Watch for more information this summer.

 * All registrants will have the right to buy Paint Your Own
(Tony’s Tabbies).

 * Attendees only have the Right to Buy additional event
figurines (including the Early Bird) AND the Surprise Box
figurine.  This figurine will be a re-imagining of one of the 20-year-old HK

Attendees only will also receive a Goodie Bag that
includes a special gift figurine from Pete & Andrea (In 2013 attendees
received The Drinker bronze figurine) and a silver Warwick Castle

 * Saturday will also include a Buffet lunch plus morning and
afternoon tea breaks.

If you register, but cannot attend the event, we will cover the
cost of shipping your Early Bird and main event pieces to you if we know at
least one month before the event that you are not attending.

The venue is a Hilton hotel between Warwick and Stratford-Upon-Avon, centrally located for easy
access by UK residents and touring visitors. We are blocking rooms as well as
meeting space.  In addition to the event all day Saturday, we plan an optional
outing on Friday and a breakfast together on Sunday.  There will be more
information on these activities as soon as we have the details worked
Please note that most European hotels have either one double bed or two single beds.  The
room rate is £85 ($132) per night inclusive with a full English breakfast for
two.  Information on how to reserve your room will be available later this
summer.  Please let HOP know if you plan to register and/or come to the
 We need to make sure we have the capacity in the room block and the
meeting space.  HOP will be keeping track of planned attendance so send an email
to Leanna Barron at or call 678-919-1977 if you plan to register/come
or have any questions.

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