Year in pictures

Thursday 13th February 2014

Well it is AGES since I have posted on here - really sorry! If you keep checking to see updates, you will have been mightily disappointed but I am planning to rectify that this year! My belated new year resolution for 2014 is to blog more often!

On a similar note, I have also decided to try and do a 'year in pictures' this year - just one picture a day which sums up the day or something which has happened on that day. When I told Peter about this, he kind of rolled his eyes and I could see him thinking 'it won't last'. Well, I am hoping to prove him wrong but a spanner was thrown into the works earlier this month when my phone had to go off for repairs. Obviously I am mainly using my phone for the afore-mentioned pictures, so there had to be a short spell of no photos. I was delighted to receive my phone back, only to find the camera wasn't working properly - and it hadn't even gone for repairs due to the camera! Luckily, a bit of clonking about in my pocket with some bits of hay and horse treats seemed to do the trick and things are back on track!

Peter has finished carving two pieces for our next release and they are currently at the factory being cast and painted so we are looking forward to showing you those. We have only done two this time as Peter has also been working on another project which we are excited to share with you, but just need to confirm it all first, so watch this space! He is also working on the event pieces for our HK UK and HOP joint event in Las Vegas in October this year. Very exciting! It might seem a bit premature, but you won't believe how quickly it will get here and with all the casting and painting and checking and packing and shipping (is that everything?!) which needs to be done, we need to think quite far ahead. I am sure you will love them. He has done the Pete pendant and just completing the Andrea pendant (which as usual bears little resemblance to me - as my nana would say 'she is MUCH prettier than that!').


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