WOW! What a great day yesterday!

Sunday 27th October 2013

Well the wind is howling here this evening and we are forecast storms and high winds, but we are still basking in the lovely glow of yesterday when we had our first birthday event. It was a great afternoon. We were joined by about 18 collectors and friends for a really relaxed, chatty few hours. Some prizes were won, the 50 exclusive attendees only event pieces (10 of each colour) are now all bought or spoken for and to top it all everyone raised about £250 for the Blue Cross animal charity with generous buying of raffle tickets and a silent auction for a full set of event pieces.

We also enjoyed pass the parcel (won by Heather Andrew's friend Wendy) and Feed the leaf to the Panda caused much hilarity! This was won by Tony Walker and Mark Witkowska who swiftly gave his prize of a unique Prancer to his sister Hannah.

Thank you so much to Karen Phillips at Loopy Ladies for generously letting us use her shop as a venue - it leant itself perfectly to the occasion with lots of squishy sofas and plenty of room for food at tea time (oh yes, I was up at 6.30am making sandwiches, but it was all worth it and I appreciated my lie in this morning all the more!).

Sam and Millie made us both very proud with their helpfulness with food, photography and selling raffle tickets, as well as some help with preparation beforehand.

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did - we will hopefully do something similar next year too, although the date may have to be different as we will hopefully be in Vegas in October next year for the HK UK and House of Peers one day event. Lots to look forward to and plan for.

To any of our US collectors who may be interested in the event pieces, I can't speak for the attendees yesterday and what they wish to do with their pieces, but we will ourselves be listing a full set of pieces on ebay shortly, along with each individual colour (5 of them) separately if you wish to bid.

I will post more photos of yesterday on here shortly so you can all share the happy afternoon. Thanks again everyone!

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