Update on Web Design, Mr Cool and Dasher

Tuesday 30th October 2012

Thank you everyone who has already placed their ordes with their dealers or via our website. It seems we have hit the mark with quite a few people with these pieces which is great news. The feedback has been brilliant so far with orders from our stalwart collectors as well as reports from dealers of people ordering who haven't done so for a while. Hopefully they have heard the good rumour sabout the quality of pieces and the excitement Peter and I are injecting back into Harmony Kingdom! Whatever the reason, it is really good news - we are growing our HK family again!

This lovely feedback has helped us get through a very chilly week here at home. Our boiler fell victim to an engineer who didn't have a clue what he was doing when he came to service it last week and managed to leave us with no heat and no hot water for 4 days - of course that was when the weather decided to turn chilly so all 4 of us were huddled around a small heater in the lounge and going to bed early - thank goodness for electric blankets!! And for our lovely neighbour Chris who you will have met if you were at our UK launch event in September. She kindly let us use her shower!

All fixed now (touch wood) so onwards and upwards. Mr Cool and friends are now being cast by Paul at Wimberly Mills and we are expecting them to be ready in the next 10 days or so. Then Peter will carefully check each individual piece before they are packed for shipping to you all. So hurry if you haven't already ordered and would like to. Web Design, the beautiful blue footed booby is halfway to selling out, Mr Cool the snowman isn't too far away and Dasher the tree decoration reindeer is proving popular too, although he is available until the end of February. We are just about to source some beautiful ribbon for him to hang from.


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