The excitement of new releases!!!

Friday 19th October 2012

Well the last few days have been spent in a frenzy of preparation for our first pieces launch - my office (aka the spare room, general dumping ground for anything that doesn't fit anywhere else, place for the dogs to come and shred bits of paper all over the floor) has been visited frequently by Peter, telling me the secrets for the pieces and I have been busy preparing the cards to be inserted into the boxes, preparing the launch email etc etc.

Pete has been busy collecting the prototypes from Paul at Wimberley Mills, staining them for photographs, Red my great big cuddly dog has been equally busy putting his big hoofer paws in a cup of coffee on my desk and sending it flying across my laptop keyboard - cue an evening of internet research on how to save a dying laptop. LUCKILY I managed to back up all things Harmony Kingdom so I wasn't too worried and with the addition of a cordless mouse and a USB keyboard, my computer is still functioning, albeit on a slightly less portable level!

But it has all been worth it - THE PIECES ARE NOW LAUNCHED!!! I emailed dealers this morning along with newsletter subscribers, then collectors this afternoon and orders are already coming in. Peter and I and the children love these pieces. They seem even more special because we are now running the business ourselves. Peter has taken a great deal of care to get the stain exactly as he wants it and the quality of finish is fantastic.

i was so excited last night about hitting that send button on the launch email today that I was like a child on Christmas Eve! I kept waking up and then I was out of bed at 6.30am (early for me!!), feeding horses in the early morning mist and walking the dogs as the sun came up. Today seems like a milestone and the start of good things :-)


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