The behind the scenes 'issues'

Sunday 29th September 2013

People may not realise the 'small' but extremely important things we - and mostly Peter - have to deal with once we get the pieces back from being cast.

I would like to think it is just a matter of checking them and packing them in bubble wrap, into the box and off they go. No! First every single piece is checked by Peter. And I mean every single piece. I guess it is only right after he has put so much time and effort into carving a beautiful original piece that he wants every single one going out to be of the same quality. This takes time. It might just be a tiny bit of paint has smeared out of where it should be, but Peter's eagle eyes spot it. Me.....well I would be thinking they were all OK!! Although I am getting better.

Next he puts the eyes on all the pieces. He likes to do this himself so all the animals are looking in the right direction.

Then, he likes them packed 'just so' so he has to come and test pack one piece and show me how he wants it done. I first found this quite insulting - surely I can be trusted to wrap some bubble wrap and put it into a box. In actual fact there is certainly an art to putting it in the right way and protecting the right parts of the piece, so now I do listen (although I play it cool and pretend I am half listening to keep him happy!!).

This time - and this made us both laugh - Peter had been trying to find a good way to make Feline Evil cats look extra brilliant. He was particularly pleased with himself when he discovered wiping each one with a fine mist of wax polish brought them up beautifully - that was until he tried sticking the name sticker on the base! Put it this way - sticky labels do not like wax polish!!!

Anyway, all is good. We have both worked hard all weekend and are now starting to pack boxes to be shipped to each dealer in the USA. All UK orders are packed and I am ready to hold up the queue at the village Post Office tomorrow whilst I post them all!!

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