Wednesday 13th February 2013

This evening we have truly been a family business! As you can see from the photo Millie has been getting stuck in to help Pete and I with the packing. She loves to help out and feel part of HK and after some tuition from her dad, she was even telling me how to wrap and pack the pieces!! Cheeky monkey!!

Apologies for the slight delay anyone waiting for their pieces. We have now shipped the Horseshoe Crab pendants, but due to the amount of casting involved for these plus our usual release, it has taken a little longer than expected. Pete and I have just managed to explain to the children that watching Night at the Museum for the zillionth time until 10pm is not an option on a school night so they have gone to bed and now we are continuing with our packing. Smaller orders already packed, larger ones just being done so pieces should be with dealers by the middle of next week.

Apart from that, all is good in the Kingdom here - apart from being very cold, wet weather of course. Our poor horses are tramping about in what used to be a field and is currently a swamp. Pete is working on the next releases already so we can try and get ahead of ourselves as we are flying to the USA in less than 2 months!! Can't believe it has come around so quickly. I will, as usual, have plenty to sort out and pack for the family as well as shipping some pieces over so if anyone wants to purchase any they can do so. In particular the Horseshoe Crabs - theses are selling really well and we look like making the best part of $1000 for charity. Thank you to everyone who has ordered one so far.

We are looking forward to seeing lots of you in Atlanta soon and catching up with friends old and new.

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