Packing packing and more packing

Tuesday 14th May 2013

 Sorry to everyone who is still waiting anxiously for their new pieces. Please bear with us. We are getting there slowly but surely! 

The new pieces have had a fantastic reception and orders have poured in. Poor Paul who does our casting has been rushed off his feet trying to keep up with me sending my orders across - or giving my orders - not sure which it is exactly! He is casting in batches and Pete is checking everything as we receive it to ensure quality is tip top, then we are packing and shipping as we go. We have shipped most of the bigger orders to dealers in the USA and are now just waiting for some more Dancer to get our next lot out.

pete is off to Stroud tomorrow to collect more pieces so we should be shipping again Friday - particularly if I make him stay up very late Wed and Thur to get them all checked!! Mwahahaha!

we are dreaming of bubble wrap, UK stickers and green boxes at the moment!

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