Mr Cool Jewel!

Wednesday 14th November 2012

Well the blog has been a little quiet recently as we prepare Peter's latest creations ready for shipping to dealers in the US and UK next week - but we thought you might like to see the one and only, very special (fanfare here please or at the very least a drum roll).........Mr Cool bedecked in his jewels.

Who is going to be the lucky collector to receive this piece? - the only one of its kind in the WHOLE WORLD! If you are that person, be sure to let us know so we can feature you on here.

Mr Cool - the snowman box figurine with the jewels (just love how that sounds!) is a shrink wrapped piece so even Peter and I do not know which one he is. When we collect the shrink-wrapped boxes tomorrow, we don't know which have a baseball cap, which have a flat cap and which have a top hat, let alone which has the jewels, so it will be an entirely random shipment to your dealer.

If you haven't ordered yet and want to be in with a chance of being the lucky collector, get in touch with ourselves or your nearest HK dealer. Mr Cool is well over halfway to selling out already as he only has an edition size of 301.

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