Harmony Kingdom UK Opening Week

Thursday 30th August 2012

It is busy here in our new world of Harmony Kingdom UK this week. In fact, things look like staying at this pace for the next few weeks too!

We are busy putting the finishing touches to preparations for our event here in Welland, Worcestershire on September 8th. We are very much looking forward to welcoming our collector friends and feel very privileged that you are all coming to join us, including those of you travelling over here from America. We have some fun activities lined up, lovely food and some very special pieces which will be available only to those of you at the event – Pete has been very busy sculpting in his shed! But mainly, we are looking forward to a friendly and informal afternoon of socialising, followed by an evening at the pub (we might need a beer or two by then!)

Add to this the preparation and packing ready for shipping of the pre-ordered event pieces – these sold out within 48 hours of being launched which is great news for HK – apologies to those who missed out this time but for those who ordered more than one piece, it looks like there might be a secondary market for Calvesbert Menagerie and Layed Back!

Pete’s nimble fingers are being worked to the bone not only with creating some beautiful pieces for our event, but preparing pieces for the HOP event in Atlanta in April 2013. We are looking forward to meeting many of you there too.

Oh yes, and in between all this busy preparation, we have two very important family events – it is Millie’s birthday next Wednesday (Sept 5th) when she will be 9 (and also goes back to school on that day, much to her disgust!!) and on the same day, Sam starts at High School – where has the time gone!

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