Great feedback!

Friday 30th November 2012

Well we have shipped our first lot of orders for our latest pieces - wow! It is a lot of work packing and making sure each order is correct, but fun knowing that is Pete's work which we are sending out. It has really made a difference checking all the pieces - Peter has been happy and proud to send out each package - as have I.

What is even better is that the feedback we have had from dealers as they have received thier parcels, along with the collectors we have shipped directly to in this country, has been great. Everyone seems to be liking the fact the pieces are well packed (Peter has turned this into an artform in itself!) and the pieces themselves of course.

Peter requested a different finish on Web Design this time and it gives it more of a bisque feel. It is lovely. Dasher is also going down a storm and we are already receiving second orders from dealers who have sold out quickly.

In the UK we have also placed a few pieces with Lovers Orchard ( This is a new business set up by a friend of ours who is also an artist, although fine art is more her thing. We felt Peter's pieces sat very well with what Lovers Orchard is trying to achieve and it will help to spread the word among non-collectors about Peter's work.

In fact, we have already received orders for Dasher via Lovers Orchard and I am now coining a phrase from elsewhere - there are no such thing as non-collectors, just collectors we haven't met yet!

If you, as a collector, have received your pieces we would love to hear what you think of them.

Meanwhile, Peter is back to work - carving the next releases which should be ready by the end of January. He was brimming with ideas for the first two pieces which were already in the pipeline  and is now working on a third. Busy busy!

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