Down to work

Friday 21st September 2012

Well Peter is working his little socks off this week. We had a HK meeting on Wednesday morning and he even saw fit to write himself a LIST! Peter doesn't do lists.

He has since been ensconced in his studio creating a pendant for the HOP event next April, and working hard on two more pieces for our release. This will probably happen in mid November now by the time the pieces get to your dealers and in stores but we are very hopeful it will be worth the wait. One Treasure Jest is completed and just needs turning into a box but looks brilliant, the other will be the shrink-wrapped festive Treasure Jest and Peter is putting the finishing touches to his idea for that, the final piece is very exciting...shall I tell you?? hmmmmm....let me think....maybe I will post it on the News page first!!! Ooo I do like to tease!!!

It is not all work though - Peter has his first day off today since our launch event and has gone off golfing. He gets childisly excited about golfing with his friends - lads day out and all that. No doubt a beer or two will be consumed. Meanwhile I am here, working away........!!!!!!!!!

Other excitement this week - I now officially have a desk and an 'office' aka the spare room! I have migrated away from the kitchen table and balancing all paperwork on one shelf in the dining room and am loving it! I have space to work and can leave it and shut the door when I need to go and do family things. The dogs seem to enjoy hanging out with me in here too - as you can see from the photo. I had to leave to go sort out Red who had decided to tip over the rubbish bin and when I came back, Bart had decided it was his turn to write a blog!


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