Artist's secret oops!

Saturday 7th September 2013

OK, so here is how I, Andrea, admin, marketing and website admin extraordinaire, find out about important secrets on Peter's pieces........Pete:"Oh I have something else you can put on the website about Comet Watching."

Me: "Oh yes, what's that" (thinking he forgot to tell me a little secret or something).

Pete: "Well after we had cast about 340 Comet Watching, I needed to make some minor adjustments to the master mold, and whilst I was doing that, one of the names around the base of Comet Watching fell off the mold!"

(About now, I am starting to feel an impending sense of panic on behalf of our completist collectors who like every single variation of every piece).

Pete: "So, I changed it and put 'Calvesbert' in place of 'Hyakutake' which was the name of the comet which fell off."

Me: "Well yes, that is quite an important change Pete. I think I might just need to let people know this...."

Pete: "Yeah great. That means that people who have Hyakutake on their Comet Watching will have only one of about 340 pieces..."

So there we have it. That is the latest story on Comet Watching - and all because Peter dropped a bit off the master mold! Are artists allowed to do things like that?!!

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