A weekend off - and one year on!

Wednesday 13th March 2013

There is always a slight lull in the action for me in between launching new pieces - Peter is really busy carving the new pieces, then he has some cast and works on those, hollowing them out into a box - he always looks his 'best' when it is at this point in the production process. Covered in a thin film of white marble dust!!

Anyway, I made the most of my quiet period and enjoyed a weekend away with my lovely haflinger Alfie. We both enjoy Western riding and so we attended a weekend clinic and learnt plenty. Alfie loves going to pony parties! This was actually my birthday present from Peter so I had to make the most of it, My birthday was last December, but I figured if I asked him to pay for it as a present, he couldn't moan about me going!!

Peter, meanwhile, was on childcare duty. I spoke to Millie about tea time on Saturday and asked her if dad had cooked tea. "I didn't have any as I wasn't hungry. I had two big bars of chocolate from the shop this afternoon". See what happens when I am not there?!

It was mother's day here last Sunday so I came back to two very cuddly children, lovely cards and a present too from them so I had a great weekend.

Now back to work this week - I have to prepare photos and words to go with our new pieces which will be launched in a few weeks and shipped when we get back from Atlanta.

Talking of which, I am burying my head in the sand about packing and preparations for coming the the US. We are all very excited, but I have this huge hurdle to clear first of organising animals, children, clothes, suitcases, etc etc etc....wish me luck!

And of course we shouldn't pass this week without a little celebration - Harmony Kingdom UK Ltd is now officially one year old! We incorporated the company on March 8th 2012. We then spent 5 months getting ready for our big launch here in Welland - that was a great event. Thank you again to everyone who came. I am just smiling and thinking back over it. Must do it again sometime soon.......

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